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      Mini projector
      Led projector/ beamer
      Tope level DLP projector with battery
      Top level traditional projector
      Why Choose Us
      R & D, manufacturing. World-renowned brand via VIVIBRIGHT as a single-chip LCD image industry pioneer and industry participants, vivibright production and sale of a number of products are equipped with ultra-high strength performance, as single-chip LCD simple optical system,Three-piece LCD high-precision optical systems as well as future trends in the synthesis of laser light projection system.

      These different projection systems are widely used in the industry and become the reference standard,Such as through amazon.com or aliexpress and ebay network covering online sales model to consumers around the world the simple micro-projector optical system,And some even to as large venues, stage design, major sports venues, conference room of the Fortune 500 companies, national defense and security, education and training, medical science, the central control room, digital cinema, entertainment, a large auditorium and luxury home theater and so on.

      vivibright break through the traditional R & D along with flexible sales model in the field of projection,Showing the strength of hardware products ,and an image program Soft power clearly convey Get recognized by the parties to professional customers, Contains directly involved in the different countries, multiple government to be recognized and supported the important projection projects.

      and now vivibright company is so far the only participation in international projects
      Between the same types of manufacturers most opportunities for business entities, and as a factory, we have a direct subsidiary in Germany.

      viviBright are located in the industrial front-end position of consumer electronics - Shenzhen, its predecessor company founded in 2006. Vivibright have shifted into the fully reinforced enormous potentiality factory, engaging in consumer audio and video digital products for years, and have absolute resource advantages in a number of products areas.
      Faced with increasingly seriously negative profit growth of consumer electronics and the product homogeneity more severe, Vivibright bring in a new thinking- product refinement and specialization, and attach great importance to develop emerging markets with coordinating and assisting the partners having similar values to achieve co-development and the layout of the global market .

      Over 10 years of development, vivibright make projectors distribution through co-branding, OEM & OEM , operating base and sales channels around the world, and have covered physical stores or local distributor network channels in China, Taiwan , the United States , Canada , Mexico, Spain, India , Brazil and Europe.

      Business philosophy
      Quality: overall Quality Management, do the right thing firstly in a right way.
      Agility: a keen grasp the rapidly changing environment, quick action.
      Innovation: hold the trend, create competitive products.
      Service: Customer-oriented, understand and meet customer needs.
      Cooperation: effective communication, fully authorized, teamwork, accomplish organization common goals.
      Quality first, through the agility, innovation and teamwork to achieve customer satisfaction is our purpose.

      Quality Policy
      Quality Policy - quality first, trust first, the pursuit of excellence
      1. The implementation of total quality management, the transaction for the first time on the good, to achieve "quality first."
      2. The market-oriented, through teamwork and communication, understand and meet customer and statutory requirements, reached a "trust first."
      3. keen grasp of market information, trends, continuous innovation, product research and development efforts to enhance the quality of life, to achieve "the pursuit of excellence."

      We are committed to quality policy and build up the establishment of compliance with ISO-9001 quality management system, and through quality objectives, meeting customer and statutory requirements, conduct effective measures to improve the management and continuous quality improvement system.
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